- Constantine, why did you decide to start selling heating systems, and not, for instance, clothes or groceries?

- We see how quick the utility bills are soaring. That is why we have decided to bring to the market energy efficient heaters, which at minimal cost provide comfort no worse, and in many cases better than central heating systems. I wanted a system where the user himself can adjust the temperature in the room at a flick of a switch.

- Please comment on the figures mentioned in the description of the heating time and the heat output characteristics.

- Within only two to three minutes after the unit is switched on it is operating at full capacity. Unfortunately, it is very hard to provide solid numbers that would reflect real-life experience and not a specific lab test. The pace at which a given area is going to warm up depends on a combination of many factors: building materials used, windows glass technology implemented, the number of heaters installed, outside ambient temperature, wind speed etc.


Child’s room
who said a superhero or a favorite character can’t protect the peace and health of your child.
Living room
enjoy the warmth and comfort in the company of your family and friends even in the harshest winter weather.
underline the style of your business not only by expensive furniture and trendy computers, but also by a modern heating system.
Your idea
lodges, cottages, corridors, warehouses and factories. The only real limit is your imagination!

Technical specifications and operating features:

The main principle utilized by energy efficient Ecofeu heating solution is based on the natural properties of the stones to accumulate and afterwards gradually radiate heat. The body of Ecofeu heater is produced using a mixture of silica sand and crushed marble which in return provide with a true eco-friendly heating experience. The use of the above mentioned natural materials helps not only to achieve the optimal temperature but helps to keep the humidity at a comfortable level as well.
The Ecofeu heaters work in conjunction with an external thermostat. The use of temperature control unit allows to leave the choice of temperature and operation time schedule in the hands of end-user. Depending on the wishes of the client separate thermostats can be installed for different rooms, or a single unit which combines the functions of temperature control throughout the system.
The Ecofeu heater system has a built-in safety feature that aims to minimize risks in case of voltage drops or a short-circuit issues. The protection system works in tandem with the thermostat module, which in turn limits the harmful effects to Ecofeu heaters themselves.


harmonious design, environmental friendliness, economy and safety
When we designed Ecofeu heating solution we thought about our families and what mattered most to them: harmonious design, environmental friendliness, economy and safety.
Harmony (cosiness)
thanks to our products uneasy decisions weather to hid the heater behind a decorative wall or “fit” the unwelcomed shape in your perfectly designed home are no longer eligible. We offer a wide selection of designs for your home, summer residence or even office in heater solutions.
Favourable environment (environmental friendliness)
conventional metal radiators eventually rust and lose their effectiveness. Updating the central heating system involves large expenditures for both installation and disposal. On top of that, the "metallic" heat differs from mild heat emanating from the heated surface of stone or silica sand.
Financial stability (economy)
Ecofeu heating system is equipped with a temperature sensor that regulates the intensity of the heating surface of the heater itself. Maintaining a constant temperature in the room will not provide with the maximum comfort possible, but will reduce corresponding costs. The device consumes power only during those times when you need gentle ambient warmth.
A sense of security (safety)
the use of conventional heating systems in residential areas is accompanied by risks. Unfortunately, no one is immune from a sudden broken pipe or unexpectedly leaking oil cooler. The Ecofeu heaters do not require a connection to the central heating system and operate independently, running no fluids whatsoever.


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